Interview by MasterMind Growth

Deucalion McGregor - 1 Drive

5 years ago I was an operations manager for my employers- a well-known leisure centre, I was the youngest in that position in the entire company. I loved the role, I loved my line manager, but one day she resigned and her successor for whatever reason didn’t warm to me.

Overnight I hated my role, my job. I hated going to work. It was then that I realised that all the time you’re employed your happiness, your job satisfaction, and your prospects are very very much impacted and dictated by other people. And that didn’t sit well with me. So I went travelling and considered my options. Thought of industries that I felt I could change and that’s when I remembered learning to drive. I had about 5 instructors- 4 of which were horrible, intolerant, aggressive, unreliable, rude, unprofessional etc. All but one were old, white, men. So I trained as an instructor at 21 years old- the youngest on the south coast at the time. I trained with a school and after my, 12-month contractual period set up my own school- 1Drive!

It started just me, then I added an instructor to the team, then January 2019 I launched my own training and development programme which would look to recruit, train & develop, and mentor new instructors to the industry. I wanted a team of diversity. Male, female, British & not, young, and not etc etc. I started 2019 thinking if I could add one member via my programme it would be a success. We ended 2019 with 3 applicants! I started 2020 thinking it was perhaps beginners luck and made it my goal to add 1 new member and to date, despite Covid, we have 3 new applications again! As hoped we have instructors largely below 35 years old (which is young in this field), both genders and all producing great things!
The world is our oyster.